Last night I finally received my beloved computer back from repair in the mail. I’ve had no access to computers, and therefore been unable to post anything here. BUT, good news! Since last time so much has happened.

First exciting thing that happened was that I received my dark mint kikkik medium, and I absolutely fell in love. I have been having so much fun creating dividers, and inserts for it that I think I went overboard with all of it. However, I did get to restock my etsy shop, which is always good! wpid-wp-1426845677034.jpeg

I have also fallen in love with stamps. I thought that my addiction to planners was everything I needed, but it turns out, I need stamps too! And who knew stamping would look so good in my planners. The world of planning is so huge, and there are so many different things you can do. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed.


After the thrill of receiving my new Kikkik planner was over ( Who am I kidding, it’s still not over ) I received another package in the mail – my brand new Truffula Forest Teal planner! And the process started all over again. New dividers, new inserts, and new everything. I also have a new found love for making decorating cards for my planners. They are so easy to make with excess paper, and they really brighten everything up.


Since I shockingly enough haven’t actually taken a picture of my Truffula Forest Planner, I have to show you in this picture. As you can see, she is cozing it up in the middle of my two Kikki Planners.


After I received these two new planners, I have really neglected my Lilac Kikkik. I have no clue what to use her for, as I can fit my whole life in the two others. I guess she is just going to have to hang out on the shelf, until I find a use for her, or just want a change.

I also found at my local Scrapbooking shop, websters pages! I love their scrapbooking paper, and with it I made some absolutely gorgeous dashboards and dividers.

image (4) image (5)


These are all available in my Etsy shop, in both A5 and Personal sizes.

I have never really had a hobby before all this, I usually get so bored with things straight away, but I enjoy doing this so much! And there is such a big community, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs. It is so much better when you can share what you love with others.



I realise I am horrible at posting on this blog, I always have it in the back of my head “Now I should post something”, but I always forget. Even still, I love blogging, and I still love planning  (of course). I have even planned a post about what is in my planner, and I think that will turn out very cute. Then I can show you guys how I organize my life, and everything in it!

Since last time, when I told you guys about me breaking down and ordering a new planner, I have managed to do this again. This time the beautiful dark mint personal planner from Kikki.k. There was a coupon and a credit card involved, the rest I can’t remember!


I am beyond excited for this beauty to arrive, and I can’t wait to make new inserts for it. Since it is a medium planner, and I have only had large planners, it will be a whole new adventure for me!

In other new, I have spent the morning finishing some Etsy orders, and getting ready to ship them as soon as possible. I also made a new divider set for my Etsy shop, and I think it turned out great! I love bright colours and many colours!




Q: What is your favourite planner?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Busy days!


These last few days I have been quite busy, which is why I haven’t been posting. Yesterday I went on quite a shopping trip, and ended up with loads of new amazing scrapbooking paper. I am going to fill up my etsy shop with new goodies, and therefore I needed some new things. I also bought this super cute holder for the paper, and it really does make my life easier. In my shop I do a lot of customized orders, and if you see any paper you like, I can make dividers, dashboards etc, for you!






I also bought some more expensive paper, which is more exclusive and prettier. With these I made some super awesome dashboards for A5 filofaxes, and I will be listing them in my shop shortly.


In other news  I have finally given in, and ordered myself a new mint A5 Filofax  It is so beautiful, and I can’t wait to show you guys! I have ordered it from; Truffulaforest. And they have the most adorable items in their shop. It is almost impossible to look, without buying. So enter with caution 😉 I have never really understood the concept of needing more than one filofax, but then I entered the world of blogs and instagram and saw all these wonderful and beautiful planners just waiting for me to order, it is quite impossible not to. I truly hope I am not the only one out there who have caught the Filofax bug!

Hope you have a great day, and thank you for reading!

Please also visit my Etsy Shop for some more Filofax goodies!

DIY Stickers And Etsy!


Yesterday I spent the better part of the evening making stickers for my filofax. However, before that I went on a trip around town looking for new things for my crazy addiction. I found some super cute new scrapbooking paper, and this very helpful sticker box. I also bought another box, which I will use for some of my favourite washi tapes.



This box is absolutely perfect for storaging of stickers, and with the different boxes you can easily sort your stickers (or whatever) perfectly! Another thing that I find cute is that the scrapbooking paper in the middle, actually is Alice In Wonderland themed. And between every flower, lines from the book are written. I didn’t even notice at first when I bought it, but now I know that I have to buy more of it before I dare to use any of it! Hope I’m not the only one who ends up with loads of paper and stickers I can’t use just because then I won’t have them any more, and I just can’t bare to loose them. Apparently I also get emotional attached to pieces of paper and stickers.

As I mentioned earlier I spent quite a lot of time yesterday making some stickers. I mainly made these stickers for my Etsy shop, but also for personal use since they are so cute. If you are interested you can visit my Etsy shop here; Here I sell dividers, pockets, stickers and more for your planner or filofax!

Making stickers is one of my favourite things to make in the Planner world, and I mainly make them in word. So it’s pretty easy for you to do it too! First you start of with an empty document, and then you just insert pictures and shapes and whatever you want for your stickers. It is important, however, to have a printer with sticker paper, or else your print will just come out as plain paper looking like stickers.


Here you see my finished product. This is easy enough for everyone to make, but if you still want to buy them, I sell both printable and ready printed versions of these stickers in my Etsy shop.

My plans for the day is to continue making some other stickers, and sort my workplace out.

Have a great day!

Do It Yourself Planner Dividers!

Today I have decided to make a tutorial for you guys on how to make your own dividers, or dashboards, for your very own special planner! I know many people don’t know how to make them, so I thought it would be fun. As I have mentioned earlier, I can’t stop making them, and therefore I have loads of my own dividers which I change on a regular basis.

First you have to chose the type of paper you want for your divider. I usually buy scrapbooking paper from a local store called “Scrappiness”, but I doubt that you can find that shop anywhere else than right here. However, I am sure there are many other places you can get scrapbooking paper. At least you can always order some from the great almighty internet.


After choosing whatever paper you would like to brighten up your planner, it’s time to start! You will need a paper cutter, and (or) scissors, hole puncher, pencil, and a laminating machine (if you have the opportunity, if not, don’t worry)

Usually when you buy a new filofax or planner, it comes stocked with some inserts and or dividers. These are great to use as templates for your DIY dividers. Just take whichever divider you want to “recreate” and then place it carefully on top of the paper you chose.


Then you use your pencil and draw carefully around your template, also remember to mark of with the pencil where you want your holes to be. The very first times I did this I always kept forgetting it, and when the dividers were laminated and “ready to go”, they couldn’t actually go anywhere! I then tried to mark the holes with a black marker, and then punch wholes, but that didn’t turn out very pretty either. So remember to mark of where you want your holes before laminating!

After you have cut your new divider properly, put it in a laminating paper, and pop it in the laminator. (If you don’t have a laminating machine just skip this) Then you go on to the hole punching, (which should be easy if you marked it of earlier)


After you have laminated it, and punched holes it is done and ready to go! As you can see in my finished product I didn’t keep the tab that was on my template, but this is just because I wanted to use this as my new dashboard. You can however do it how you want. Tab or no tab.


Thank you for reading, and I hoped you liked it!

ida lol

Diy stickers and pockets for planners!

So today I have spent quite a lot of time making stickers and pockets for my planner. Before I got into it I really couldn’t understand how everyone managed to make so professional and beautiful planner accessories, but after I got myself a new printer, cutting machine and more it turned out to be quite easy. Before I started with this myself I always used to buy planner accessories from various shops from Etsy, but now I usually make everything for my planner my self. I have also purchased a small cutting knife which I use to trim the stickers, which make them fit perfectly in my Kikkik planner.


I usually make my own sticker design, but since you can also find so many pretty designs free on the internet, I sometimes do that when I don’t feel like making them myself, or if I want something that I think is too hard to make myself.


I also have this super cute storage unit, which I use to storage all my stickers that I make myself. Stickers that I buy I usually storage in the pockets I make for my planner. I have also decorated this with washi tape ( which is my biggest weakness, and I can’t seem to stop buying them ) and stickers.


This is the pocket I made today. For the “back” I have just used regular scrap booking paper, and for the “front” I have actually just cut out an a5 square from an album pocket, then laminated them together, and then I cut open one of the sides, so I can fill it with stickers or whatever.

I try to not make too much stuff, but since I get easily bored of my dividers and themes, I end up making more. Its and evil circle really.

ida lol

My planner addiction!

Hi! My name is Ida, and I have decided to start this blog and dedicate it to my never ending love for planning.  My interest was at first peaked when I saw all the beautiful planners and filofaxes circling the web, and I knew I just had to have one! After I received my very own Kikkik Planner in the mail, my world exploded! It was perfect.  And ever since my little hobby has grown to become something quite big.

I hope you would like to follow me and my planner into the adventure that is washi tapes, stickers, planners and so much more!


diy dividers