Last night I finally received my beloved computer back from repair in the mail. I’ve had no access to computers, and therefore been unable to post anything here. BUT, good news! Since last time so much has happened.

First exciting thing that happened was that I received my dark mint kikkik medium, and I absolutely fell in love. I have been having so much fun creating dividers, and inserts for it that I think I went overboard with all of it. However, I did get to restock my etsy shop, which is always good! wpid-wp-1426845677034.jpeg

I have also fallen in love with stamps. I thought that my addiction to planners was everything I needed, but it turns out, I need stamps too! And who knew stamping would look so good in my planners. The world of planning is so huge, and there are so many different things you can do. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed.


After the thrill of receiving my new Kikkik planner was over ( Who am I kidding, it’s still not over ) I received another package in the mail – my brand new Truffula Forest Teal planner! And the process started all over again. New dividers, new inserts, and new everything. I also have a new found love for making decorating cards for my planners. They are so easy to make with excess paper, and they really brighten everything up.


Since I shockingly enough haven’t actually taken a picture of my Truffula Forest Planner, I have to show you in this picture. As you can see, she is cozing it up in the middle of my two Kikki Planners.


After I received these two new planners, I have really neglected my Lilac Kikkik. I have no clue what to use her for, as I can fit my whole life in the two others. I guess she is just going to have to hang out on the shelf, until I find a use for her, or just want a change.

I also found at my local Scrapbooking shop, websters pages! I love their scrapbooking paper, and with it I made some absolutely gorgeous dashboards and dividers.

image (4) image (5)


These are all available in my Etsy shop, in both A5 and Personal sizes.

I have never really had a hobby before all this, I usually get so bored with things straight away, but I enjoy doing this so much! And there is such a big community, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs. It is so much better when you can share what you love with others.



  1. Charlie · March 22, 2015

    Wow! The dark mint is stunning 🙂


  2. creativityinthebox · March 23, 2015

    So much pretty! Ugh, it’s all gorgeous


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