DIY Stickers And Etsy!


Yesterday I spent the better part of the evening making stickers for my filofax. However, before that I went on a trip around town looking for new things for my crazy addiction. I found some super cute new scrapbooking paper, and this very helpful sticker box. I also bought another box, which I will use for some of my favourite washi tapes.



This box is absolutely perfect for storaging of stickers, and with the different boxes you can easily sort your stickers (or whatever) perfectly! Another thing that I find cute is that the scrapbooking paper in the middle, actually is Alice In Wonderland themed. And between every flower, lines from the book are written. I didn’t even notice at first when I bought it, but now I know that I have to buy more of it before I dare to use any of it! Hope I’m not the only one who ends up with loads of paper and stickers I can’t use just because then I won’t have them any more, and I just can’t bare to loose them. Apparently I also get emotional attached to pieces of paper and stickers.

As I mentioned earlier I spent quite a lot of time yesterday making some stickers. I mainly made these stickers for my Etsy shop, but also for personal use since they are so cute. If you are interested you can visit my Etsy shop here; Here I sell dividers, pockets, stickers and more for your planner or filofax!

Making stickers is one of my favourite things to make in the Planner world, and I mainly make them in word. So it’s pretty easy for you to do it too! First you start of with an empty document, and then you just insert pictures and shapes and whatever you want for your stickers. It is important, however, to have a printer with sticker paper, or else your print will just come out as plain paper looking like stickers.


Here you see my finished product. This is easy enough for everyone to make, but if you still want to buy them, I sell both printable and ready printed versions of these stickers in my Etsy shop.

My plans for the day is to continue making some other stickers, and sort my workplace out.

Have a great day!


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