Do It Yourself Planner Dividers!

Today I have decided to make a tutorial for you guys on how to make your own dividers, or dashboards, for your very own special planner! I know many people don’t know how to make them, so I thought it would be fun. As I have mentioned earlier, I can’t stop making them, and therefore I have loads of my own dividers which I change on a regular basis.

First you have to chose the type of paper you want for your divider. I usually buy scrapbooking paper from a local store called “Scrappiness”, but I doubt that you can find that shop anywhere else than right here. However, I am sure there are many other places you can get scrapbooking paper. At least you can always order some from the great almighty internet.


After choosing whatever paper you would like to brighten up your planner, it’s time to start! You will need a paper cutter, and (or) scissors, hole puncher, pencil, and a laminating machine (if you have the opportunity, if not, don’t worry)

Usually when you buy a new filofax or planner, it comes stocked with some inserts and or dividers. These are great to use as templates for your DIY dividers. Just take whichever divider you want to “recreate” and then place it carefully on top of the paper you chose.


Then you use your pencil and draw carefully around your template, also remember to mark of with the pencil where you want your holes to be. The very first times I did this I always kept forgetting it, and when the dividers were laminated and “ready to go”, they couldn’t actually go anywhere! I then tried to mark the holes with a black marker, and then punch wholes, but that didn’t turn out very pretty either. So remember to mark of where you want your holes before laminating!

After you have cut your new divider properly, put it in a laminating paper, and pop it in the laminator. (If you don’t have a laminating machine just skip this) Then you go on to the hole punching, (which should be easy if you marked it of earlier)


After you have laminated it, and punched holes it is done and ready to go! As you can see in my finished product I didn’t keep the tab that was on my template, but this is just because I wanted to use this as my new dashboard. You can however do it how you want. Tab or no tab.


Thank you for reading, and I hoped you liked it!

ida lol


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