Diy stickers and pockets for planners!

So today I have spent quite a lot of time making stickers and pockets for my planner. Before I got into it I really couldn’t understand how everyone managed to make so professional and beautiful planner accessories, but after I got myself a new printer, cutting machine and more it turned out to be quite easy. Before I started with this myself I always used to buy planner accessories from various shops from Etsy, but now I usually make everything for my planner my self. I have also purchased a small cutting knife which I use to trim the stickers, which make them fit perfectly in my Kikkik planner.


I usually make my own sticker design, but since you can also find so many pretty designs free on the internet, I sometimes do that when I don’t feel like making them myself, or if I want something that I think is too hard to make myself.


I also have this super cute storage unit, which I use to storage all my stickers that I make myself. Stickers that I buy I usually storage in the pockets I make for my planner. I have also decorated this with washi tape ( which is my biggest weakness, and I can’t seem to stop buying them ) and stickers.


This is the pocket I made today. For the “back” I have just used regular scrap booking paper, and for the “front” I have actually just cut out an a5 square from an album pocket, then laminated them together, and then I cut open one of the sides, so I can fill it with stickers or whatever.

I try to not make too much stuff, but since I get easily bored of my dividers and themes, I end up making more. Its and evil circle really.

ida lol


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